BPPA navigation championships

Air Navigation Racing comes to UK

The British Precision Pilots Association (BPPA) is planning to introduce Air Navigation Racing to the UK during 2017. The BPPA will also be sending British teams … Read more

Garmin aera 660

Garmin aera 660

Not that long ago, the portable GPS market was where much of GA’s innovation took place. In a few short years we went from bulky, … Read more

Garmin Pilot

Garmin Pilot

Garmin Pilot is a new flight planning app with many functions and now available for Europe.

Runway HD 2.5 CAA chart

RunwayHD 2.5

iPad/iPhone Yearly subscriptions: Airbox Vector Mapping (Europe) £49.99 CAA 500k (one sheet) with Pooleys £74.99 CAA 250k (four sheets) £74.99 All CAA 500k £99 Additional … Read more