FLYER June 2017 issue

FLYER June 2017

Front cover and flight test this month is the dimunitive but very fast Questair Venture. It’s a rocketship! Exclusive first-hand coverage of Europe’s top General … Read more

Volocopter 2X AERO 2017

e-Volo shows 2X Volocopter

e-Volo has taken the first step towards a series production version of its unusual ‘multicopter’ with the launch of the Volocopter 2X at AERO this … Read more

AutoGyro MTOsport AERO 2017

AutoGyro reinvents the MTOsport

AutoGyro has reinvented its original aircraft, the MTOsport, with a clean sheet design to improve every aspect of the open-cockpit gyrocopter. The MTOsport 2017 was … Read more