Survitec launches new survival suits for aviation

Safety company Survitec has launched a range of lifejackets and survival suits for the aviation market.

The new Hybrid Ability Lifejacket & Oxygen (HALO) is designed for both passenger and crew requirements for aviation, wind energy and marine usage.

Survitec says HALO’s 3D design follows the contours of the body, and includes modular equipment pockets for accessories and a lightweight Emergency Breathing System. Launched alongside HALO is the new Gen2 1000 series Tri-Approved Passenger Suit, designed for personnel in transit to platforms by air and sea.

The ETSO/MED and CE-PPE approved suit is waterproof, breathable and poses low flammability. The interior offers increased insulation against extreme cold and improved thermal comfort with reduced thermal stress.

Survitec has also introduced the 1000 series aircrew suit, extreme cold climate suit, the Arctic Suit, and warm climate options, the Mk16 and SMART coveralls.

Nigel Parkes, product designer at Survitec, said, “Due to growing demands, the HALO has been designed for harness compatibility for use in the offshore windfarm industry.”



  1. Looks like a good, modern goonsuit – not too bulky and so adequately applicable to the private aircraft sector. Cost ?

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