Support British Aerobatics and win a jet fighter flight

+VIDEO It’s expensive to be a competitor in aerobatics championships. Not only are there all the training flights and lower level competition events to take part in and maintenance of the aircraft, but travel to the major events is costly. This year’s three major aerobatics events are in the Czech Republic, Poland and France.

To help offset some of the training costs at least, British Aerobatics is running a series of spectacular prize draws – the latest is a flight in an L-39 Albatros jet operated by the famous MiGFlug team. The 30-minute flight, tailored to the winner’s preferences, will be in either France or Germany.

The L-39 is a high speed ground attack aircraft and military jet trainer. It is also the aircraft used by the Breitling Jet display team and starred in the James Bond movie, “Tomorrow Never Dies”.

The prize includes an overnight stay and dinner for two at a hotel near the airfield, plus £300 towards travel costs. British Aerobatics will help in making all arrangements.

The proceeds from the prize draw will fund the British Aerobatics Team’s training, helping the top British aerobatic pilots, in both power and glider, to prepare for the World and European Championships. As in previous prize draws, British Aerobatics will make a donation to the registered charity Aerobility.

Tickets cost £20 each here:

MiGFlug's L-39 Albatros jet
MiGFlug’s L-39 Albatros jet

Fancy going to watch the aerobatics competitions? These are the 2019 international powered aeros events:

World Intermediate Aerobatic Championship, Breclav, Czech Republic. 5-13 July 2019.

European Advanced Aerobatics Championships, Torun, Poland, 1-11 August 2019.

World Unlimited Aerobatics Championships 2019, Châteauroux, France. 22-31 August 2019.

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