Summer Fly-out, Bosnia

Name of event
Summer Fly-out
- August 2019
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Organiser UPL-AOPA Luxembourg
T: +387 61 174 856

Some 500nm (direct line) from Luxembourg, in Western Bosnia and Herzegovina, there’s the area around the Bihac airfield (LQBI). Probably you never heard about this place. Bihac lays on the banks of the Una river and is only 80nm from Zadar in Croatia. The Bihac region is about water, adventure and entertainment. The beauty of this region is absolutely stunning. Here we have a truly hidden gem in the true sense of the word, not yet discovered by mass tourism.

With UPL-AOPA we have got a tradition to fly with our small planes to authentic places and we like to warmly invite you to join us for an authentic four days fly-out in mid-August to discover the Bihac region.

Leaving early in the morning on Thursday 15 August in your plane, you’ll arrive in the course of the afternoon at the Golubic-Bihac airfield, which is a 1100-metre grass strip next to the Una river. You will be welcomed by the friendly pilots of the Aero Club “UNA” Bihać.