Get your first three issues of FLYER magazine for free!

FLYER magazine’s mix of unbiased, informative and prize-winning articles for pilots, instructors, students, owners and operators attracts the UK’s largest General Aviation audience. Founded in 1990 and published 13 times per year, each issue is packed with inspiring travel ideas, expert advice, great flight tests, the hottest news, superb photography and exclusive competitions.

Also, FLYER readers receive at least 65 FREE landings per year, which were worth a massive £852 over our previous 13 issues! That’s enough for a new ANR headset…

With this exclusive offer for UK readers, subscribers will get their first three issues for FREE and then pay just £7.50 each quarter thereafter (via Direct Debit). And what’s more, a subscription means there’s no hoping that you’ll find a copy of FLYER left in the racks as it’ll be delivered direct to your door, PLUS you also get access to the digital edition for FREE, via iOS, Android and computer!

How to subscribe

  1. Sign up by Direct Debit (UK only) by calling us on 01225 632188 or clicking here
  2. Get the next three issues sent to you for free
  3. Carry on because you’re enjoying the mag and we’ll only charge you £7.50 a quarter
  4. If you don’t think FLYER is for you, cancel within a week of receiving your third issue and we won’t charge you a penny

If you’re outside the UK and would like to subscribe to FLYER, please click here

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