SSDRs shine at FLYER Live

As well as the Tech Pro Merlin having its UK debut at FLYER Live last weekend, several other single-seat deregulated (SSDR) aircraft were having an outing, including:

Ekolot Elf XS
X-C Aviation unveiled the Elf XS SSDR self-launching glider, manufactured by Polish company Ekolot. It’s fitted with a 27hp Polini engine, with wingspan options of 8.75 and 10.7 metres. First UK test flights have taken place of the 8.75m model. It’s speciality is a high speed cruise of 80mph burning 5 litres of fuel an hour.

e-Go showed SN001, the first customer airframe, and gave a technical seminar on “Engineering the e-Go”.

Silent Electro 2
Also at the show was the Italian Silent Electro SSDR glider. It’s a self-launching glider fitted with an electric motor in the nose and a folding propeller. Price is a competitive 87,000 euro + VAT with 8 sold so far in the UK.

Full report and photos in the next issue of FLYER.

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