Sonex announces high-wing kitplane range

Kitplane manufacturer Sonex Aircraft has launched a range of four high-wing designs in addition to its existing range of low and mid-wing aircraft.

The four designs cover both conventional tail and Sonex’s Y-tail configuration in both nosewheel and tailwheel undercarriage.

“While many kit manufacturers today offer high wing aircraft with a backcountry mission in-mind, we are making our cantilevered wing aircraft in the Sonex tradition of sleek, efficient aerobatic and cross-country performance – The Best Performance Per Dollar!” said a statement from the Oshkosh-based company.

“Our target is to display the Sonex High Wing at EAA AirVenture Oshkosh in 2023 and begin taking orders at that time.”

Other details released so far:

  • Two side by side seats
  • Both pilot seating and the aircraft’s wing moved aft approximately 2.5 inches
  • 44-inch cockpit width
  • 20 US gallon fuel tank with 10 gallons auxiliary option
  • Max gross weight 1320 lb
  • Empty weight 720 lb
  • Baggage 60 lb
  • Aerobatic when flown solo with a gross weight at or under 1050 lb, with +6 and -3G limit load factors
  • Removeable outboard wing panels with a fixed inboard wing section to make the aircraft easy to transport on a trailer
  • Engine: 100hp or greater with a maximum firewall-forward installation weight of 200 lb.

Sonex Aircraft 

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