Sonex announces bigger B-Model kitplanes

Sonex has announced new versions of two of its kitplanes, the Sonex and Waiex ‘B-Models’.  Designer and founder of the Oshkosh based company, John Monnett, said the new aircraft are “more of everything”. Prices of complete kits start at $36,329 (£25,422).

“It’s what you’ve been asking for!” said Monnett. “More of everything you want in a sport aircraft: more room and comfort, more panel space, more fuel, more engine choices, and more standard features combined with reduced build time and the same great Sonex and Waiex flight characteristics.”

The Sonex and Waiex B-Models have been enlarged by straightening of the forward fuselage sides. Features include:

  • More width and comfort at the shoulders, hips, knees and feet
  • Seat back moved aft, and new seat geometry to accommodate taller pilots
  • Staggered seating available via upholstery seat back cushions
  • Centre ‘Y-Stic’” offers dual controls with easier cockpit entry and roomier seating
  • Electric flaps reduce cockpit clutter
  • Dual Throttles as standard.

Sonex says the enlarged B-Model instrument panel offers plenty of space for dual-screen avionics installations including the MGL iEFIS Explorer 8.5in displays. The new B-Model fuel tank holds 20 US gallons (75 litres) – a 4-gallon increase.

Sonex kitplanes
View of the new Sonex B-Model seating and panel, wider than before.

Engine options now include UL Power 350i, 350is, and Rotax 912-series engines, as well as the existing AeroVee/AeroVee Turbo and Jabiru/CAMit 3300 units.

Sonex went on to explain that B-Model kits will ship with more standard features, and will require less build time. Assembled wing spars and machined angle components are now standard. Upgrades such as the AeroBrake hydraulic brakes, dual AeroConversions throttle quadrants, and AeroConversions trim system are now included. Build time improvements include more laser-cut, formed and machined parts, machined canopy bows for easier installation with a better fit, an easy-fitting horizontal-split cowl, and engine mounts that bolt quickly and accurately to the airframe.

The B-Models will replace the original model Sonex and Waiex in the Sonex Aircraft product lineup.

Sonex Aircraft

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