Shuttleworth reopens for visiting aircraft

Shuttleworth (Old Warden) Airfield is now open to visiting aircraft. PPR is essential. 

“We are delighted to announce that our Swiss Garden is re-opening from Saturday 6 June with visitor access now extended to our grade 2 listed North Park,” said Ciara Harper, head of marketing at Shuttleworth.

“The Shuttleworth Collection, restaurant, gift shop, and Play Area remain closed currently. Outdoor takeaway, hot food, snack and drinks, and toilets available.”

There are significant changes for visiting pilots:

  • Shuttleworth (Old Warden) is a private, unlicensed aerodrome, situated in a rural area. The airfield is not inspected daily and the manoeuvring area is uneven, so please exercise caution. Airfield Information can be obtained at NATS Aeronautical Information Service and Notam. Radio frequency is 130.705Mhz.
  • All pilots use the aerodrome at their own risk and must PPR on 01767 627901. Prior to telephoning for PPR it is assumed that the Shuttleworth terms and conditions (please read) are accepted.
  • All aircraft must do a standard overhead join at 1800 feet above aerodrome level and a full visual circuit before landing, making blind transmissions as appropriate on 130.705, as there may be people on the runway/airfield.
  • Look out for any non-radio aircraft that may be in the circuit.
  • Confine all manoeuvring to the mown runways and taxiways.
  • Only Runway 02/20 is available to visiting aircraft. Please note that all other runways may be in use by resident aircraft and must be kept clear.
  • Runway 02 is a right-hand circuit.
  • Runway 20 is a left-hand circuit.
  • Circuit height is 800 feet.
  • Runway 02 threshold is displaced to a point north of College Road as indicated by displaced threshold markers. Be aware that College Road (a private road), which crosses the airfield, is used by vehicles and pedestrians. Available runway distance between 20 threshold and displaced threshold runway 02 is 521 metres
  • The area around the fuel pumps has recently had land drains installed. The narrow back-filled trenches that remain may contain softer soil, stone chippings, or undulations until the grass grows back through. If you cross the drains do so with caution.
  • When you have landed please park clear of all the runways (for parking see link to airfield diagram below) and sign in using the booking-in sheet in wooden hut behind the fuel kiosk (mandatory).
  • A site entrance fee of £10 per aircraft applies and an honesty box provided when signing in. Included in this fee is access to the Swiss Garden, Paddocks and North Park. Shuttleworth has COVID-19 measures in place to keep our visitors and staff as safe as possible – please read before visiting.
  • The site and airfield is open to visitors from 0900L to 1800L
  • Pay at the pumps, self-service fuel UL 91 and 100LL available during site opening hours. The pumps accept all major credit and debit cards. Current prices: 100LL = £1.80 per litre, UL91 = £1.85 per litre.

Shuttleworth (Old Warden)

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