September landing fees now live – save up to £68

It’s September 1, and that means that members of The Flyer Club can now take advantage of this month’s free landing fees, which are…

  • Cambridge Airport
  • City Airport, Barton
  • Full Sutton
  • Kingsmuir
  • North Coates
  • Stoke Golding

To print out your personalised vouchers, members should head here. If you need any help, we’ve produced a short how-to video

If you’re not a member, you can join right now and get instant access to all club benefits, including this month’s Free Landing Fees. It costs just £2.50 a month, payable quarterly or annually. Just click here. (we’ve got a help video for that too!)

The weather’s looking pretty flyable later on this week and into the weekend, but members can get the latest from Dr Simon Keeling (who knows a lot more about weather than we do!) by clicking here



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