Secretary of State objects to Wolverhampton Airport houses

Gavin Williamson, Secretary of State for Education and also MP for South Staffordshire, has objected to proposals of 112 dwellings on the site of Wolverhampton (Halfpenny Green) Airport in Bobbington.

MCR Property Group, who own the airfield, originally submitted plans for development on the site in 2019. Plans have now been resubmitted, which include the erection of three new hangar buildings, replacing existing retail buildings as well as refurbishing airport infrastructure.

Mr Williamson has written to South Staffordshire District Council to highlight the concerns of local residents. Constituents have referred to the detrimental effect on the environment, rising noise and traffic levels and pressures on local services.

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Mr Williamson said, “This is the second time that these plans have been put forward and there still seems to be no regard for the current residents of Bobbington. Due to the lack of public transport, there will be increased car usage on the narrow roads, many of them are unlit.

“Development on this scale will undoubtedly ruin the very nature of the airport and take away the unique feel. I will continue to work with local residents and the Parish Council to stand up for the interests of the residents of South Staffordshire.”

To make any comments in relation to the planning application, visit the South Staffordshire District Council planning portal. Application Number is 20/00893/OUT.

A detailed objection to MCR’s plans for the Airport can be seen in the FLYER Forum here. Among many points, the author says airport revenues have been redirected thus making the business case for the Airport worse.

South Staffordshire District Council planning portal


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