ScaleWings delivers first Mustang kits

+VIDEO ScaleWings Aircraft has started to deliver the first ‘Quick Build’ kits of its SW-51 Mustang, claimed to be the world´s most accurate P-51 Mustang replica at 70% scale.

The German company says the Standard Kit includes the complete all-carbon body parts, control elements, seats and the electrically driven retractable landing gear in the €119,000 price.

ScaleWings kit
First kits of ScaleWings SW-51 Mustang replica are on their way to builders

“More than 100,000 details (rivets, screws, etc.) of the original P-51 Mustang are already worked into the carbon surfaces of the delivered kit, creating the perfect reincarnation of the legendary icon,” said a ScaleWings statement.

The SW-51 has a max weight of 750kg/1654 lb. Options not included in the standard kit are a Rotax 915iS engine and Garmin avionics.



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