Russian aircraft parts launched by Yakovlevs

Owners of Russian light aircraft – Yak and Sukhoi – have a new source for parts. It’s Airborne Services Ltd (ASL), parent company of formation aerobatic display team the Yakovlevs, based at Henstridge Airfield in Somerset.

ASL claims to hold the largest European inventory of aircraft parts for these aerobatic aircraft.

Alongside aircraft parts, ASL is also the UK agent for smoke oil and engine oil, as well as aircraft instruments and avionics, manufactured by the likes of Avmap and Trig Avionics. ASL even sells its own brand of Yak pilot watches.

Yak watch



  1. Congratulations Jez
    Have you taken over from Richard Goode’s outfit at White Waltham..??
    Also please let me have details and prices for the watches. Are they built like battleships too…???

    1. Hello Barry,

      Thanks for the kind words. Yes, we bought the stock holding from WW a while ago. Battleship watches they are indeed! How about we bring some to the next BADA symposium so you can take a look?

      All the best,


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