Royal Aero Club’s races return for 2021 season

The Royal Aero Club’s 2021 British Air Racing Championship is a go!

Last year’s series, like so many events, was cancelled but now the Royal Aero Club’s Records, Racing and Rallying Association (RRRA) has announced a six-event season of handicap races.

The events and airfield locations are:

  • 22-23 May, Beccles
  • 26-27 June, Haverford West
  • 24-25 July, Sandown
  • 21-22 August, Llanbedr
  • 11-12 September, Leeds East
  • 25-26 September, Leicester

Each weekend has two races with trophies and points awarded for each. Whoever has the most points at the end of the season will be the British Air Racing Champion.

The racing uses a handicap system meaning that any aircraft that can fly at least 100mph/87kt is eligible to take part. The slower aircraft take off first and the rest in speed order. Both certified and LAA permit aeroplanes are eligible.

“We are eager to welcome new pilots this season and are happy to meet any pilot  interested in using their license to have the greatest time ever,” said a club statement. “You only need a basic PPL with a minimum 100hrs PIC to take part and learn fantastic new skills.”

Each race is associated with a historic trophy. The most prestigious are The Kings Cup, which has been raced for since 1922, and the Schneider Trophy, which began in 1913.

The Coupe d’Aviation Maritime Jacques Schneider (commonly called the Schneider Trophy) was awarded annually to the winner of a race for seaplanes. The race was held eleven times between 1913 and 1931, then revived in 1981 by the Royal Aero Club of Great Britain to commemorate the 50th anniversary of Britain’s ultimate retention of the Trophy.

To commemorate this year’s 90th anniversary of the outright win by the British team, this year’s Schneider Trophy will be raced for over the same course as the original, over the Solent and the Isle of Wight, with aircraft being stationed at Sandown Airfield.

All information about the races and how to take part are on the RRRA website or email for further information.

“We are also recruiting volunteers to help with the race day organisation and logistics,” continued the club. “Do get in touch if you would like to join the friendliest bunch of aviation enthusiasts!”

Royal Aero Club RRRA


  1. Hello!
    My name is Keith Schofield, grandson of Methuen Schofield RAF – who was a pilot with the Schneider Trophy winning team in 1931 (?)
    He then went on to win the Kings Cup in the plane he designed – the Monospar.
    On his passing, my father left me the Schneider trophy replica with all names engraved – including Gaumont News film of the Kings Cup event along with that of the Monospar – the only time I’ve ever seen him, having been brought up in South Africa.
    I understand that a Schneider memorial race will take place in Sandown IOW, and wonder if one might need to purchase a ticket for the event?
    It promises to be quite an emotional time. I hope to visit the museum in Southampton on the way, as I understand Grand Dad’s plane is an exhibit.
    Time to catch up on the family’s history!

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