Re-open Panshanger petition launched

One of the teams battling to re-open Panshanger Aerodrome on the outskirts of Welwyn Garden City in Herts, Project Phoenix, has started a petition to persuade the local council to keep its promise to include an airfield on the site.

Panshanger Aerodrome was a successful GA airfield before it closed three years ago. In October 2016, Welwyn Hatfield Council made a historic u-turn decision to amend its Draft Local Plan to include provision of an airfield at Panshanger with the following commitments:

“The Masterplan will allow the opportunity for a realigned grass runway on land to the north of the Green Belt boundary”

“Development at the site will be configured in such a way that the opportunity remains for the relocation of the grass runway to be provided on Green Belt land to the north of SDS1 [Panshanger development site]”.

Project Phoenix Panshanger
The Project Phoenix team, from left: Sue Hart, Haim Merkado and Nick Coplowe.

However, says Project Phoenix’s Sue Hart, this pledge is under serious threat of being swept under the carpet in the interest of planners’ convenience.

“We are a team of local experts with a vision to recreate Panshanger Aerodrome as a source of delight and pleasure for both local residents and the aviation community,” says Sue.

“Our mission is to ensure that the council fulfil their promise not only to the people of Welwyn & Hatfield but the general aviation community nationally.

“Please sign our petition to ensure that the council keep their promise in providing the people with what they want – Panshanger Aerodrome back operational as a real community asset that everyone can be proud of.

“With broad public support, we will prevent this from becoming an opportunity lost to council inertia!”

Sign the petition here


  1. This is a historic site and a much needed local resource, please listen to public opinion and re-open Panshanger aerodrome

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