RATs for British Air Racing Championship

All races in the British Air Racing Championship will have temporary restricted airspace, starting with the next round at Haverfordwest on 26-27 June.

Previous seasons of the Royal Aero Club’s air races have not had the Restricted Airspace (Temporary) (RA(T)) issued.

The air racing organisers told FLYER, “We have RATs for all our races now. It was deemed necessary due to some complex legislative issues with EASA but also for safety. We expect to continue with these in the future but they will be under continuous review in conjunction with the CAA who we work closely with.”

Haverfordwest is the second round of the 2021 season. The RA(T) is in place between 0800 hours and 1600 hours (UTC – add 1hr for BST) on each day beginning with 26 June and ending on 27 June 2021.

Mauve AIC 032/2021 says no aircraft is to fly below 2,000ft amsl within the area illustrated, though it does not apply to any aircraft operating with the permission of Haverfordwest Aerodrome air-ground service or operating with the permission of the Royal Aero Club Records, Racing and Rally Association Clerk of the Course.

British Air Racing Championship

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