RaEs launches 2018 Light Aircraft Design Competition

The Royal Aeronautical Society (RAeS) is about to launch its second competition to promote innovation in the General Aviation aircraft sector.

The task is to demonstrate design innovation either for an existing or potentially new general aviation market. The competition focus is manned flying machines. (They could be autonomous but passenger-carrying). The scope of the innovation can range from an entire aircraft to a specific component or system which could be incorporated into an existing airframe. Propulsive and lift generation systems may be of any type.

The scope is constrained to meeting the requirements of the CAA’s E Conditions which enable the rapid design, build and experimental flight testing of piloted aircraft up to 2,000kg maximum mass within the UK.

Entries are invited for this competition from everyone; students, enthusiasts and professionals. You may enter as an individual or a team. The RAeS encourages entries from teams of engineering students and youth organisations.

Entries will be assessed using the following criteria:

  • Radical innovation
  • Potential application or market
  • Industrial design (including functionality, aesthetics and ergonomics)
  • Reasonable estimates of mass, aerodynamics, stability, control, performance, life-cycle costs and environmental impact.

“You don’t have to address all of these issues, but will score better if you do,” said the RAeS. “However, account will be taken of the entrant’s background experience, so all can win a prize.”

The entries will be judged by a team of professional aeronautical engineers. The winners will be announced at the RAeS GA Group’s Design Conference in November 2018. The final date for entries is midnight on 30 June 2018.

Want to enter? Send an email titled ‘Design Competition’ to conference@aerosociety.com to receive an entry pack.

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