PS launches twin Bluetooth audio panel

PS Engineering has introduced a new general aviation audio panel, the PMA450B, which can stream data from two independent Bluetooth devices at the same time.

The PMA450B has a second Bluetooth module which can serve as either an additional music input, or stream audio out to a device such as a Bluetooth-enabled video camera.

“When we introduced the PS Streamer Module in 2016, we added audio output capability for video and audio recording,” said PS Engineering’s Gary Picou.

“Now we’ve added additional capability with a second Bluetooth input, which provides more utility for the connected devices that are omnipresent in the cockpit, like Electronic Flight Bags that provide important audio alerts. With the PMA450B, you can have your phone, your ForeFlight, and your music too!”

The PMA450B includes a count up/down timer and flightmate – when flightmate is connected to external triggers, such as an oil pressure sensor, flightmate will sound a pilot-recorded alert.

Other features include:

  • IntelliAudio true dimensional sound
  • Streaming output for video cameras
  • Enhanced copilot as passenger configuration
  • Radio Playback with visual context
  • Wireless and hard-wired phone interface
  • Caller ID and device battery level
  • Receiver Monitor Mode
  • Music 1, Music 2, BT1, BT2 independent music selection for pilot, copilot and passengers. Simultaneous sources for ForeFlight & Music
  • 15 watt USB-c charger
  • Independent music muting selection for pilot, copilot and passengers
  • Independent music volume controls for pilot, copilot and passengers
  • Alternate Intercom – crew friendly – mode
  • IntelliVOX® automatic VOX
  • Volume control over radio sources.

The PMA450B has a list price of $2,595 and it will start shipping in mid-April 2018.

PS Engineering


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