PS Engineering upgrades remote audio panel

US avionics manufacturer PS Engineering has upgraded its PAR200 audio panel that controls a remote-mounted aviation transceiver.

The user interface has been overhauled using a brighter OLED display and three softkeys which are said to make access to all the functionality of the PAR200B easier.

PS Engineering has also added IntelliAudio, which aids a pilot monitoring multiple radios to focus on the frequency that is most important at that point.

The audio panel has both individual volume controls for the intercom and radio levels along with various music distribution capabilities including Bluetooth. A built-in speaker amplifier, split mode and frequency recall are all part of the PAR200B audio panel.

PS Engineering has partnered with Trig Avionics as a supplier of a remote transceiver. Trig’s TY91L com radio has been designed to produce a minimum of 6 watts of output power and has selectable 8.33KHZ or 25KHZ spacing.

“For years, the sales of our PAR200 exceeded our forecasts,” said Mark Scheuer, founder and CEO of the company.

“It was clear that this combination was working well for owners of aircraft that are flown for passion versus for business. The PAR200B meets the needs of those whose mission is for flying mostly VFR and in an airplane that doesn’t warrant a costly radio upgrade.”

PS Engineering said the PAR200B fits the mission for aircraft owners from Stinsons to Taylorcrafts, Warriors to Archers, from the C152 to C172, and various other VFR aircraft. List price is $3,495.

PS Engineering

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