Piper to offer Seminole twin with diesel engines

Piper Aircraft is to launch a Jet A-burning diesel-powered version of its popular Seminole twin for the flight training industry.

The Seminole DX will use a new 170hp Continental Diesel CD-170 engine developed from the existing CD-155, and join the single engine Archer DX in Piper’s trainer range in 2019.

“Our experience with the Archer DX convinced us and our customers that we could deliver the best twin-engine training platform using the Continental Jet-A engine,” said Simon Caldecott, CEO of Piper Aircraft.

“As the undisputed leader of Jet-A engines in general aviation they [Continental Motors] understand perfectly the pilot training market and our own needs.”

Jet A fuel is more easily available in many countries outside the USA than avgas, as well as being cheaper.

The PA-44 Seminole DX will have counter rotating engines and a single lever, FADEC throttle. It will also have a Garmin G1000 NXI flightdeck.

The Archer DX is also to be assembled on Piper’s Vero Beach production line from later this year. Since its launch in 2014, the DX has had the CD-155 engine installed under an STC but with the worldwide training market expected to continue expanding for at least the next 20 years, Piper has brought it in-house.

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  1. A twin-engine aircraft with “a single lever FADEC throttle” ??? How the heck does an instructor teach asymmetric flight then? Just imagine : “Dead Leg, Dead Engine”? But how do I know which half of the throttle to retard?
    ” ‘Flyer’ says this is the only one, so let me continue with the EFATO that hasn’t happened, ’cause it can’t !!!”
    I think the insertion of the word “each” into your text would have stopped me twisting your intended meaning anti-clockwise !

    I can vouch for the FADEC lineage of what was the Thielert 2.0 engine, the
    single lever per engine bestows time and mental capacity on the private flier or student to get on with the primary tasks, instead of three-lever engine and prop management… and more time to keep a good lookout too. I flew behind this motor for over ten years, and had little trouble with it. I would only counsel Piper to ensure they fit very capable batteries to ensure good cold-weather Amps for starting, if the aircraft lives outside in a European winter!


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