Visitors to the PFA Rally at Cranfield over the last few years will be well aware of the annual rumours. Spend ten minutes in the beer tent and you would hear ‘Looks like this is the last one at Cranfield’

Well it now looks like it is true. The building scheme at Cranfield University means that the site will not be available to the PFA next year, and as we speak they’re looking into other potential venues. Graham Newby, Chief Exec. at the PFA said on Flyer’s forums (<a href=”″>click here to see what is being said</a> – you’ll need the GA discussion forum).

‘The Rally is not cancelled. We have been told by Cranfield that the building programme has been brought forward so we cannot have the airfield for the rally next year. Currently we are investigating several other sites, and I am hopeful that we shall make an announcement in mid November’

Let’s hope that something can be sorted see you all next year… don’t know where, don’t know when as the song goes.

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