Petition launched to help air displays

A petition has been started to ask the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) to rethink its proposed 100% increase in charges to the air display industry in 2016.

As of Sunday, 7 February, more than 8,000 people had signed the petition on the government’s UK petition site. If more than 10,000 sign, then the government has to respond.

The CAA is currently holding a consultation into the proposed increase which it says is necessary to recoup costs. The consultation is due to end on 29 February and the new charges come into force from 1 April.

Display pilot Lauren Richardson, who flies a Red Pitts Special at airshows, said about the CCA’s proposed charges, “They can only be described as ludicrous and hugely misguided. Should the current consultation stand and the price hikes go ahead, the future of the UK airshow industry looks very bleak indeed. We will undoubtedly see many of our beloved shows cancelled, many display acts fold and the death of our dreams.”

A Facebook group Keep Airshows Airborne has also been formed to promote awareness of what’s happening.

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