Peter to set off on third Three Journeys Round

British pilot Peter Wilson is due to take off on the third and final leg of his Three Journeys epic on 2 December – this time to South America.

Peter and Robin Doten will take-off from Miami flying Peter’s Robinson R66 Turbine helicopter, expecting to travel through 23 different countries in Latin America to complete a journey of about 17,500nm in about 85 days.

Three Journeys Round Latin America
Peter’s planned route around South America for his third and final Three Journeys Round epic

The flight will be entirely under Visual Flight Rules (VFR). The R66 burns readily available Jet A1 fuel and operates easily to 10,000 feet above sea level. You can track the flight live here

“I developed the project around three separate journeys to raise the profile of a ‘better planet through sustainable development’,” said Peter.

“In the process, I have had the privilege of seeing the world as no others have, and now have a strong message for future planetary caretakers.”

Peter is also fund-raising for Save the Children and donations for the charity can be made here.

Three Journeys Round

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