Passengers in aircraft to wear face coverings

Pilots flying light aircraft do not have to wear a face covering while flying though it’s recommended that passengers do, according to the latest advice from the UK Government.

The Department for Transport updated the Coronavirus (Covid-19) advice for General Aviation on 24 July, with a new section on face coverings, which are now mandatory in shops and airports.

Passengers must wear a face covering in airports and when on board aircraft in England. This includes people:

  • flying as passengers in a balloon
  • on an introductory flight
  • flying on a cost-shared basis

People sharing piloting or flight crew duties don’t have to wear a face covering. However, face coverings are recommended to be worn by all individuals on aircraft, where social distancing is not possible, where it is safe to do so.

The full advice for GA covers:

  1. Risk assessments
  2. Social distancing
  3. Face coverings
  4. Large gatherings
  5. Reopening of aerodromes and training organisations in England
  6. Training and flying instructors
  7. GA maintenance check flights
  8. Communications for aerodromes
  9. Air traffic management
  10. Areas under local lockdown
  11. Return to business as usual
  12. General Aviation flying in Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales

Dept for Transport Covid-19 Guidance for GA

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