Out to Lunch

Post-flight check-list… re-fuel, landing fee, cuppa, bacon sarnie!

Whether you’re looking to enjoy a full cooked breakfast, a light lunch or an evening meal, here’s some ideas for great places to eat when you next fly.

The Lock Cafe

Wings Cafe

Tipsy Nipper

Happy Cafe

Wings Bar & Restaurant


Flying Shack

The Navigator Cafe

The Bushe Cafe


  1. Whenever I fly or drive to an airfield I try to support ‘eateries’ at the local club, hoping in some small way to put money into aviation finances rather than roadside outlets.
    A few more to be recommended are Leicester Aero Club; Compton Abbas; Crew Room, Denham (or for more up market, somewhat dated dining ‘Biggles’ on the South Side); Turweston; White Waltham; Lee-on-Solent; Elstree; Rochester; The Aviator, Staverton (opposite the terminal); Shobdon; Lasham Gliding Club and AV8, Kemble – when it gets its roof back on !! There are many more…

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