Flight International is reporting a deal between Poland’s M & M Aviation Works and Slovakia’s Letecke Opravovne Trencin in which the two companies will combine to develop the EM-11C Orka.

The Orka is a four-seat twin began its development in 2001. It has two pusher engines, and a fuselage which is reminiscent of the Extra 500 and other ‘tadpole’ microlights. The original example (the EM-11) was equipped with Rotax 912 engines, but the EM-11C, which first flew last year, uses O-320 Lycomings.

The companies are now reported to be working towards certification in the middle of next year.

The aircraft could offer a top speed of 190 kt, range of 810 nm and max takeoff weight of 1,650 kg. The takeoff run is quoted as 250m (820ft).

Although current target markets seem to be surveillance and other security/military applications, it also seems to be an ideal candidate for the low-end civil twin market.

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