OMF GmbH declared bankruptcy on Tuesday of this week (9th December). The company certified and built the OMF
Symphony in Trollenhagen, Germany (the Symphony 160 is a sweet handling, spacious two seater powered by a 160hp
Lycoming). The company had already started development of a Thielert powered diesel version that promised the same
sweet handling, coupled with outstanding fuel economy.

In addition to the diesel version of the Symphony the company had also started development work on a four seat
aeroplane, to be known as the Symphony 250. Work on both projects should be continued by OMF Aircrfat Inc., the
Canada based facility set up by OMF.

Control of the company, based in Three Rivers Canada, now rests with Societe Generale de Financement du Quebec
(SGF) who are now seeking further investment partners so that the company can be established as a stand-alone
producer and designer of certified aeroplanes.

Paul Costanzo, President of OMF Aircraft Inc., said, “The bankruptcy of OMF GmbH is a tragedy. Years of hard work
and major investment have been lost to the Stinnes Group. All of us at OMF Aircraft feel for the employees of OMF
GmbH and the Stinnes Group, particularly Matt and Derek Stinnes, who have been the visionaries behind the Symphony
product line. We are committed to pursuing that vision. The seed they have planted here in North America has all the
ingredients necessary to become a very successful enterprise.”

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