NotamPlot, the free software which made preflight briefing much simpler by providing a graphical presentation of Notam, is to make a comeback using approved AIS data.

Created by Ian Fallon, the software linked automatically to the internet and produced a graphical display of Notam that would affect pilots’ flights. But it ceased to function in the summer of 2002 when UK AIS moved to its new delivery system for Notam.
Since then there have been many calls for the return of the software, particularly because of the difficulties some pilots have had obtaining Notam from and operating the new AIS website.

Now AvBrief has agreed to provide data to support a revised version of NotamPlot which is due for release in the New Year. The company’s involvement as the data provider means that users of the new release of NotamPlot will get a pre-flight briefing tool based on first-generation Notam data from UK AIS. AvBrief sources its Notam data from AIS under agreement with NATS Services Ltd.

The new software is due to be released in early 2004. Flyer will be reviewing the software in the February issue, on sale January 15th and you’ll be able to take a look at it yourself as there’ll be a copy on the covermounted CD

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