New functions for Aspen’s Evolution E5

Aspen Avionics has announced new features and functions for its budget-friendly E5 electronic flight instrument.

When introduced in 2018, the Evolution E5 EFI combined an attitude indicator plus DG/CDI into a single display. After receiving feedback from operators and installers, Aspen responded with this new software release for those who prefer a more traditional HSI.

Aircraft owners who already own Aspen’s Evolution E5 can update their current display through an Aspen authorised dealer who will enter the change with a logbook entry. New E5 displays will begin shipping immediately with the HSI feature.

Aspen has also developed the following new optional software features which are available as a $495 extra:

  • True Air Speed (TAS)
  • Outside Air Temperature (OAT)
  • Wind direction and speed
  • WAAS GPS mode annunciations

The STC’d non-TSO baseline Evolution E5 consolidates attitude indicator plus HSI into a single display with a rechargeable backup battery.

It also includes Global Positioning System Steering (GPSS), air data computer and Attitude Heading Reference System (ADAHRS). Additionally, the Evolution E5 enables owners to remove their vacuum system and other back-up indicators.

“Feedback from our customers was clear and we listened,” said Mark Ferrari of Aspen Avionics.

“We replaced the CDI with a traditional HSI and added the additional optional software features in this latest E5 release.

“This affordable and highly capable glass flight display offers an economic means for aircraft owners to remove outdated and high-maintenance vacuum systems and air-driven gyros for the approximate cost of steam gauge overhaul.”

Aspen E5
Evolution E5 showing optional TAS, OAT, wind direction and speed, WAAS (GPS mode annunications)

Like all Aspen displays, the Evolution E5 EFI is configurable, upgradeable, and affordable. The E5 can also be converted to the Evolution Pro MAX which enables owners to add software options like Synthetic Vision and Angle of Attack.

The Evolution E5 EFI is approved for IFR flight when installed with a panel mounted IFR GPS. When installed without a panel mount GPS, the E5 EFI is approved for VFR flight only.

Aspen Avionics

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