In the March 2005 issue we incorrectly attributed information about a Eurocontrol move to allow certain operators to delay retrofitting Mode S equipment to specific aircraft, as well as quoted comment, to the CAA. In fact the content of the story – run under ‘News in Brief’ came from a Eurocontrol spokesman.

The CAA’s Directorate of Airspace Policy tells FLYER that:

1. [There is] no significant change to the AIC [105/2004 Yellow 155] published in November 2004

2. [Eurocontrol’s move is] not a ‘deferment’ but an extension to transition period for elementary surveillance for aircraft in excess of 5700 kg to enable a co-ordinated implementation of enhanced surveillance required from 31 March 2005 and its associated transition period

3. As [the] UK had not introduced these rules for elementary surveillance prior to the March 2005 enhanced surveillance requirement, there is no change to the UK mandate

Our apologies to the CAA for putting words into its mouth, and to any readers who may have assumed in error that they could delay fitting Mode S equipment.

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