Michelin launches new high performance aircraft tyre

Michelin has launched a new high-performance aircraft tyre, the Michelin Pilot, for piston and turboprop aircraft.

The French manufacturers says the Pilot is designed to have extra-long life thanks to an improved carcass construction that delivers increased durability and improved resistance to foreign object damage.

Features include:

  • Additional belt plies to strengthen the crown area
  • Tubeless-tyre construction reduces the combined tyre-wheel weight and helps eliminate tyre creep
  • Long-term ozone and UV light protection
  • Two wide grooves in the tread to evacuate water efficiently on wet runways, and resist hydroplaning.

The Michelin Pilot is currently available in two sizes for the United States, Canada and Europe: 15 x 6.00-6 6/160 and 5.00-5 6/160. Three additional sizes will be available later in 2018, with a sixth size targeted for 2019.

Michelin tyres have recently been chosen by Cirrus Aircraft for its entire range of aircraft.

Michelin Aircraft tyres

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