Lundy Island Fly-in 2018

Name of event
Lundy Island Fly-in
July 2018
Lundy Island Airfield, United Kingdom
PPR Required?

Pete White
T: 01752 406660 or 07805 805679

Well supported by local flyers in Cornwall as well as from around the UK. PPR essential.


  1. Hi,

    Is the Lundy Fly In always on the last weekend of July ?

    I ask because I have a regular engagement on that weekend every year and yet I am very keen to join the Fly In. I own G-AJXC, now restored to military camouflage condition, and which was one of two Austers which operated a service to Lundy during the 1950s (The other, G-AJEA, ditched when flying back from the island !)

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