London Luton Airport hosts fly-in for GA pilots

No pilot sets out on a flight intending to infringe controlled airspace but in a busy area such as that around Luton, it can and does happen.

Rather than blame anyone, London Luton Airport is taking a pro-active approach and hosting a fly-in event for local General Aviation pilots at Old Warden aerodrome in Bedfordshire in late October.

The event is aimed at providing the GA community with all the information they need to operate safely in and around LLA’s controlled airspace.

Representatives from the airport’s Flight Operations team, the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) and air traffic control provider NATS will be at the event which will include a number of interactive stands and competitions.

All landing fees will be waived for those flying into the event.

Bradley Timmins, Airspace Performance Assessor at London Luton Airport said, “The airspace surrounding London Luton Airport is some of the busiest in the world. It is vital that anyone wishing to fly in this area has the correct information to hand.

“This event aims to ensure the GA pilots are able to fly safely, efficiently and carefully through the congested airspace.

“The fly-in will be a great opportunity for us to showcase all of the projects we have been working on, including our new operating guide.

“We’ve also organised a number of give-aways with the chance to win a tour or the airport, a year’s subscription to SkyDemon, and a gift card to Pooleys the aviation supplier.”

The event will be held at Old Warden Aerodrome (EGTH) on 27 October between 1200 and 1600. Those wishing to attend are asked to email:

Pilot information for Old Warden can be found here.


  1. I don’t want to ruin anyone’s day but there are people out there who do.
    like those who make the airspace smaller and smaller making us little guys get closer and closer together and don’t forget head on too. what happen to me was in order to miss another plane I exited the only way I could and at a point where it was only 4 miles wide at 130 knts by the time you screwed you head back on mate your elsewhere getting back on coarse only to arrive and have to call caa mmm well. they send you you incursion and not the other aircraft there’s just your dot so your to blame. its not on!

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