Lift Aircraft starts public demo flights of Hexa

+VIDEO Lift Aircraft, the company which saved Flight Design, helped bring the Horten flying wing to reality, and also produces Rotorvox gyrocopters, is about to start customer demo flights of its single-seat electric drone, Hexa.

“After hundreds of test flights, Lift is now starting limited Beta customer flights in Austin, Texas,” said the company.

‘The stoke level is super high!’

“In order to build one of the safest, most advanced ultralights in history, we’re extending our testing well above and beyond what is recommended by the FAA,” continues Lift Air.

“HEXA has made hundreds and hundreds of test flights as we fine-tune the experience. We’re also conducting a thorough third-party review to test multiple scenarios and contingencies.

“We are seeking the feedback of experts. Colin Guinn of Guinn Partners, and a Lift Aircraft advisor, recently flew with us. We captured this video of his maiden voyage [above].

“We’ve built and tested three working prototypes. Now, we are moving into production, partnering with the very best. Our suppliers have a wealth of expertise and decades of manufacturing experience.

“Over 13,000 people have signed up to fly. The following cities are sold out: New York, LA, San Francisco, Dallas, and Austin. Reservations for other cities are available.


“We are pleased to announce the introduction of the Lift Aircraft Ownership Program. Accredited investors will have the ability to purchase an aircraft for operation within our fleet, gaining significant flight and financial benefits. We are taking deposits for a limited number of aircraft.

Lift Aircraft


  1. What type of license will you need to fly this aircraft in the UK, how much will it cost to buy one of these aircraft. Thank you Ted

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