Learn To Fly Guide 2019-2020

FLYER has published its 2019-2020 Learn To Fly Guide. It’s free with the April 2019 issue of FLYER and will be available sold separately from the FLYER Shop.

It’s full of useful information to help you get started in whatever type of flying appeals to you: aeroplanes, helicopters, microlights, gyroplanes or gliders.

It tells you how to become a professional pilot or a military pilot. It explains the types of medical examination and classes, and what’s allowed.

At its heart is the most comprehensive listing of flying clubs and schools, for both private pilots and professional, in the UK and overseas. There are more than 350 schools listed – there’s bound to be one near you.

And there’s an exclusive competition to win a top-class David Clark DC ONE-X headset!

It’s free with the April 2019 issue of FLYER.



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