Kitty Hawk Flyer is first eVTOL to go on sale

The first person-carrying electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing aircraft is about to go on sale – the Kitty Hawk Flyer. No price has yet been announced by the Californian company. This is the factory video:

The all-electric Flyer is classed as an ultralight by the FAA, which means it can only be flown in uncongested areas. It has a 20-minute endurance and Kitty Hawk claims it takes around 90 minutes to learn to fly it – something they want to reduce to under one hour.

The Flyer has ten propellers and can fly at up to 20mph at around ten feet off the surface.

Kitty Hawk Flyer

CNN reporter Rachel Crane was taught to fly it:


  1. This is truly amazing. The stuff of my boyhood dreams. I’d love to fly this little aircraft. Electric powered planes are things of the present now. Such a privilege I’ve had being born in 1951. I believe , probably the best years to be alive and free, ever.
    Good luck to your company.

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