JetPack offers training flights

JetPack Aviation is offering a limited number of opportunities for ordinary members of the public to fly its JB10 JetPack,

“If you have ever dreamed of flying a JetPack then this may be a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to do just that. Remember, more people have walked on the moon than flown a JetPack so you will be joining a very select club,” said the company.

Three offers are available:

  • 2 days $15,000, objective is four flights through this depends on individual skill level
  • 5 days, $35,000, 25 flights
  • 10 days, $65,000, 50 flights.

The flights are the intensive, basic JetPack Pilot course. All flights will be made while attached to a safety tether. Location can either be Los Angeles, California or the French Riviera.

“During your training you will receive in-depth tuition on how the JetPack works, its operation, and the use of controls,” said the company.

“Once you are ready we get you kitted up and strap you into the JetPack and you will feel the amazing experience that is flying a real JetPack.

JetPack Aviation

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