Jetpack announces 150mph flying motorcycle

+VIDEO Remember David Mayman flying with his JetPack around the Statue of Liberty? Now David has come up with a more easily controlled and potentially more useful concept, the Speeder – literally, a flying motorcycle.

This is not some commuter bike either, it’s a 150mph superbike with four small jet turbines capable of flying up to 15,000ft and carrying up to 400lb payload. It’s also computer-stabilised to make it easier to fly than the earlier JetPack.

Mayman said, “Today, there simply is no source of thrust that comes close to the power and speed potential of turbine engines.

“We know that battery technology is advancing rapidly. It is likely that small electric cells with enough power to drive high efficiency turbine fans may be available in as little as five years.

“When that happens our patent pending flight management software, stabilisation system, and flight tested airframes will be ready and easily modified for electric propulsion.”

JetPack Speeder

The Speeder was conceived with a core mission: to save lives. JetPack Aviation (JPA) sees an initial market for both First Responder and Military rescue applications.

But JPA team will also produce a modified civilian model for consumers who crave speed and excitement, with a reported price tag of $380,000.

“The primary purpose of our new aircraft is to save lives,” said Mayman. “Multiple studies have shown that for every minute saved in emergency response time, a significant decrease in victim mortality occurs.

JetPack Speeder

JetPack Aviation