How to make UK ‘best place for GA’ – CAA consults

The CAA has started a consultation to identify opportunities for General Aviation once the UK leaves the EASA system in 2021.

“The Secretary of State for Transport wishes to see that the UK benefits from being the best place in the world for general aviation,” says the CAA launch document.

“Our General Aviation (GA) strategy compliments and supports both government and our wider CAA strategy by detailing our approach to supporting and championing GA in the UK.

“The UK is leaving the EASA system in 2021, and the GAU [CAA GA Unit – Ed] have made a commitment to the Secretary of State for Transport to undertake a ‘Post-Brexit GA Challenge’. This challenge will be one of the key mechanisms for enabling the CAA to help the GA community overcome the challenges, take advantage of the opportunities and mitigate the impact that leaving EASA poses.”

The CAA wants to understand:

  • How it can help the GA community (and its associated businesses and industries) flourish after leaving EASA, whilst identifying its specific priorities
  • How it can engage with and work more efficiently, constructively and collaboratively with GA communities in delivering objectives
  • The priorities of those who are not part of the GA community when considering the future of General Aviation in the UK.

The UK General Aviation opportunities after leaving EASA (CAP 1985) consultation will run until 18 December 2020 and can be found here.



  1. Once bitten ? I’ll believe it when I see it. The very first thing is to man it with people who truly understand aviation. For example when they took on Barry Tempest to organise the airshow scene, not when they took on Douglas Bader to sort out Flight Time Limitations !

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