HCAP launches 2022 PPL flying scholarships

A number of PPL flying scholarships are available from the Honourable Company of Air Pilots (HCAP) – and the window for applications is open from now until 2 February 2022.

The HCAP scholarships cover all aspects of training up to licence issue for a candidate who is prepared to dedicate a considerable part of the summer to gaining their PPL.

Providing up to 45 hours of flying training, the scholarships can take a candidate with little or no experience to completion of their flying licence during the course of the summer. Alternatively they can ‘finish off’ someone who is already partially trained.

The scholarships are awarded entirely on merit as evidenced on the completed application form and as assessed by a selection committee appointed by HCAP.

Candidates must be 17 or over on 1 June 2022.  The course must be commenced during June 2022 and completed by 29 September 2022.

Winners of HCAP’s 2021 scholarships (pictured top) include:

  • Charlie Gazzard – Cadogan Scholarship
  • Max Ellison – Air BP Sterling Scholarship
  • Tyler Audu McGregor – Donaldson Scholarship
  • Chris Barrott – Grayburn Scholarship
  • Omar Mshihadani – Air Pilots Visits Team Scholarship
  • David Hart – Wigley (Balpa Benevolent Fund) Scholarship
  • Luke McConnell (Balpa Benevolent Fund – Lane-Burslem Scholarship
  • Anne Soltow – Bob Dawson (Balpa Benevolent Fund) Scholarship

Read their individual stories here.

For full details and application form for HCAP’s 2022 Flying Scholarships, click here.


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