Hangar Homes looks to Plymouth Airport

Hangar Homes is transferring its attention to Plymouth Airport following issues involving its original plan to develop Perranporth Airfield in Cornwall.

“The pre-application submission to Cornwall Council for 24 Hangar Homes on Perranporth Airfield was made in May this year, and what should have taken a couple of months for the Council to come back with a list of requirements for the full planning application, took five months,” said Peter Day, director of Hangar Homes.

“Apart from a long list of reports, which will take months to put together, the biggest issue to overcome is that the site for Hangar Homes is adjacent to an Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty (AONB) as well as being on a site of Special Scientific Interest (SSI),” continued Peter.”Whilst not impossible to overcome, a full planning application will take a long time and cost a lot of money.

“Therefore, it makes more sense to concentrate on an airfield that will be easier to get Hangar Homes adopted, which would then help to get planning permission for them on Perranporth Airfield.

“To that end, I am looking at Plymouth Airfield, which seems likely to reopen next year.”

Hangar Homes is planning to create an airfield residential community similar to those that exist in the USA and France.

“For many General Aviation airfields, it is a struggle for the airfield owner to make the airfield viable for aviation. One way of achieving this is to attract a number of based aircraft by having a number of Hangar Homes on the airfield,” said the company.

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  1. Whilst my Hangar Home design could be used in a Residential Airpark (RA), because of its relatively small ‘foot-print’, it is more suited for existing UK and European GA airfields with other activities on the airfield, such as training, maintenance, business and convention hangars. The idea is to make the airfield more sustainable and thereby help to stop them from closing or becoming conventional housing estates, to the detriment of GA generally.

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