GyroJena Fly-in, Germany

Name of event
GyroJena Fly-in
- July 2017
Verkehrslandeplatz Jena-Schöngleina (EDBJ), Germany, Thuringia
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Organiser Wolfgang Kuhnert
Phone +49 36428 40669

On weekends from the 14 to 16 July 2017, the 1st GyroJENA FlyIn will take place on the Airfield Jena-Schöngleina (EDBJ).

The goal is to develop the GyroJENA FlyIn as an event of the exchange of experiences in a very pleasant, informal atmosphere where you can meet friends again and also the fun does not come short. The event will be rounded off by aviation (surprise, not yet revealed) and culinary highlights, from the famous original Thüringer Rostbratwurst to typical Thuringian cuisine in the restaurant “Fliegerhorst”, to a cool beer with good music.

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