Gyro Gathering, Old Warden

Name of event
Gyro Gathering
June 2017
Old Warden Aerodrome, United Kingdom
PPR Required?

PPR: T: 01767 627901 (you can still also use 01767 627927

British Rotor Association are planning to host the largest gathering of flying Gyros for a LAA and BRA Record Fly In attempt for the most autogyros ever to fly in to one UK airfield on one day. There are likely to be in excess of 40 of these fascinating aircraft!

Organised by the British Rotorcraft Association – see also the event on Facebook.

All pilots use the aerodrome at their own risk and must PPR on 01767 627901 (you can still also use 01767 627927). Please see Old Warden’s airfield information page.

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