GoSkydive to continue flying ops from Old Sarum

Breaking News: Parachute operator GoSkydive has announced that it will continue operations from Old Sarum Airfield throughout 2020 and beyond.

The tandem skydiving specialist says it has reached a multi-year agreement with the airfield owners at Old Sarum.

The airfield closed to private pilot and flying school operations at the end of October.

Paul Shipway, general manager of GoSkydive said, “Today is a hugely important day for GoSkydive as we can now plan for our future at Old Sarum.

“Securing our agreement means we will be able to continue to employ almost 70 people at Old Sarum and of course bring visitors to the local area.

“Our new agreement removes the aircraft related operational constraints that had been imposed by the owners, allowing us much greater flexibility to grow as a business and provide additional opportunities for our customers to develop in the sport, including freefall skydive training and sports skydiving at the site.

“It is certainly a very exciting time for us as a business as we plan for our first operational day 1st February 2020.”

Gordon Blamire, founder of GoSkydive, added, “We have been in discussions with the owners of Old Sarum Airfield for some time and following their decision to change the mode of operation to dedicate the airfield to unlimited flying by commercial organisations, we are pleased we can now concentrate fully on additional growth opportunities and improving our skydiving packages even further.”

GoSkydive has also confirmed it will be reopening the cafe at Old Sarum.



  1. From previous Flyer news on Old Sarums closure;

    “The leaseholder of the airfield, Matthew Hudson, says losses have forced him to close the airfield after a proposal for a mixed use development, with housing, was turned down by the planning inspector.”

    So a Skydiving Tandem-Factory will result in financial viability?

    One thing it will do is annoy local residents with the constant drone of jumpships climbing to altitude – even if they are PT6 powered.

    That should result in public pressure on the planners to reconsider future redevelopment applications which don’t have any nasty aircraft noise…
    A cunning plan….

  2. While I’m happy that Go Sky Dive Will continue to operate from Old Sarum I am appalled that the wider GA community are excluded.

    In situations such as this I rather think there is a case for the local authority compulsorily purchasing the airfield and operating it as a public amenity and as a component of a wider national GA infrastructure.

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