Gordillo completes double Pole flight

Spanish pilot Michel Gordillo has completed his amazing figure-of-eight flight around the world via both Poles.

Called the Sky Polaris project, Michel landed at Madrid Airport last week after flying 76,400 kilometres (41,253nm) in the two-seat Van’s RV-8 built by himself and his daughters.

Almost half the flight (32,183km) was over open water. One leg, across Antarctica, was 4,783km. Michel spent 305 tacho hours flying the aircraft.

Michel Gordillo
Michel Gordillo arrives at Madrid Airport to a hero’s welcome – and the fire truck arc of water.
Michel Gordillo
It’s done! Michel Gordillo triumphant at the end of his 76,400km journey.
Michel Gordillo
The route, via both North and South Poles and an awful lot of sea.

Sky Polaris

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