Garmin updates Pilot app – better for Europe

When compared to flying the USA, flying VFR in the UK brings a number of details that are uniquely British in nature, or if not uniquely British, at least different from America.

LARS, RMZs, TMZs, noise abatement circuits, noise avoidance areas, flight plan route validation, etc either don’t exist or at least are have much less emphasis in America.

As a consequence, EFB apps that started development in the USA often miss some of the finer points of what is essential information for a pilot in the UK and Europe. Previously, while Garmin pilot worked fine for a IFR airways flight from towered airport to towered airport, many details necessary for VFR flight from smaller fields were absent in the app.

With the release of Garmin Pilot 9.7, Garmin has made its app better suited to UK VFR operations by including information such as Airport traffic patterns, Airport entry routing lines, Enroute holding patterns, FIS areas and frequencies, TMZ/RMZ airspaces, Natural Conservation Areas, General Purpose Airspace, Avoid Overflying Areas.

This enhancement is included as part of Garmin Pilot Europe Standard package and is available now.

Additionally, for Garmin Pilot users filing a Eurocontrol flight plan, filing and route validation can now be done from within the app as a standard feature, and IFR autorouting is available with an additional subscription. – Joe Fournier


  1. You mean it is beginning to catch up with SkyDemon, which is miles ahead for UK and European VFR flying.

  2. Shame Garmin still can’t get the basics right like airfield frequencies despite me msging support several times and being ignored.

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