Future safeguarded for Snowdonia Aerospace

The future of Snowdonia Aerospace Centre at Llanbedr Airfield is assured following its inclusion by the Snowdonia National Park Authority (SNPA) in the recently adopted Eryri Local Development Plan covering the period to 2031. 

Lee Paul, CEO of Snowdonia Aerospace LLP, said, “This is a significant step forward for ourselves as it provides us with security and clarity on the future of the airfield and our ongoing development and investment plans.

“We have been working closely with the Snowdonia Enterprise Zone, other stakeholders and the Snowdonia National Park over several months in promoting the site as a long-term sustainable catalyst to create a number of high quality jobs for the region.”

Snowdonia Aerospace Centre
Llanbedr Airfield in North Wales is home to the Snowdonia Aerospace Centre

The Local Plan has set out the following uses as being acceptable across the site:

  • Operations and uses associated with the aviation and aerospace industry
  • New uses including employment within B1, B2, B8 and R&D
  • Employment related training and education purposes
  • Ancillary uses in support of the above, including accommodation, catering and leisure.

The airfield is recognised as one of UK’s leading test and evaluation sites for the development of Unmanned Aircraft and Electric Aircraft and will shortly begin the second phase of a multi-million development programme, whilst at the same time continuing its ambitions to become one of the UK’s proposed new Spaceports.

Snowdonia Aerospace Centre


  1. Llanbedr is a great place to fly to, as an aviator I welcome what’s reported so long as a GA Participant I can be part of it. unlike Woodvale, valley, and Manchester.
    I look forward to returning. and if they will let me go I can spend time and money there… here is hoping.

  2. Llanbedr looks like an ideal GA airfield for some hangar homes adjacent to the north-east taxiway., with stunning views from the balcony overlooking the airfield and the sea. I will contact the free/lease holder to see whether there’s any interest.

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