More functions approved for Garmin’s G5

Garmin’s ‘little wonder’, the G5 electronic flight instrument, has had more of its many functions approved by both US and Europe’s regulators, the FAA and EASA.

The newly approved functions include the installation of G5 in place of an existing directional gyro (DG) or horizontal situational indicator (HSI) in select certified fixed-wing general aviation aircraft.

It means that when paired with certain VHF NAV/COMMs or GPS navigators, the G5 can be a primary instrument for displaying magnetic heading, VOR/LOC guidance and/or GPS course guidance, as well as distance and groundspeed.

The installation of dual G5 electronic flight instruments can eliminate dependency on vacuum systems in aircraft for attitude and heading information.

Garmin has completed an amendment to the existing G5 supplemental type certification (STC) that allows certificated aircraft owners to mount the G5 flush with their instrument panel.

The G5 is now compatible with a wide range of third-party autopilots, when using the new GAD 29B adapter. Additionally, when interfaced with a GTN 650/750 or GNS 430W/530W, the G5 can provide GPSS roll steering navigation from the navigator to the autopilot. Pilots can simply select GPSS on the G5 and heading mode on the autopilot and the autopilot will fly smooth intercepts, holding patterns, procedure turns and more.


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