French inventor teases jet-powered flying motorcycle

Is it a motorcycle? Is it a jet? Does it fly? Well, it could be all of those but we’ll have to wait until the end of January 2019 to find out the full story behind French inventor Lazareth’s latest creation, ‘La Moto Volante’ (flying motorcycle).

As a teaser Lazareth has released a video which shows a motorcycle with twin wheels front and rear which can go into ‘Transformer’ mode to become a flying motorcycle.

In the video the bike’s wheels, mounted on swing arms, extend sideways and outwards. The bike must be sitting on some kind of centre stand although that’s not clear in the video.

When the wheels are in position, they turned through 90º to face the ground and small jet turbines power up as though ready for takeoff.

Four jet engines appear to provide lifting thrust
Wheels of the Lazareth motorcycle turn through 90º to aim the jet engines downwards
It’s a big beast with twin wheels front and rear

Will it fly? All will be revealed on 31 January!

Lazareth Motorcycles


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